For more than a decade now, we’ve seen countless Youtubers make it on Youtube, rake in hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions), and basically land themselves the career of their dreams. The question is….. why not you?!

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No, you don’t have to be Jeffree Star to make money through Youtube. Fact is, there’s a whole lot of things you can be doing to make money on Youtube, even if you don’t have 20 million subscribers waiting for your next video. Let’s explore some of them!

Become A Youtube Partner

Youtube is a great place for one to explore their talents, gain some recognition, and even make some good money. Even though thousands of people have Youtube accounts, not everyone knows how to make good money off the platform. A great way to make easy money on Youtube is to become a Youtube partner. To monetize a channel on Youtube, certain rules and prerequisites have to be met. This includes having a minimum of 1000 followers, adhering to Youtube ad rules, and having amassed at least 4000 video watch hours on the channel in 12 months. 


Rank high with some SEO tricks

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Youtube, like all other creative content platforms, is greatly affected by search engine optimization. This can be done by performing keyword research, making a list of the most popular keywords that people look for, and then using those highly ranked keywords in the channel’s video titles and descriptions. Some key Youtube SEO ranking factors include the number of comments on popular videos, the number of subscriptions as a result of each video, and the thumbs up/thumbs down ratio on each video. Other factors that can be taken into account include the length of the video and the number of clicks the video gets after showing up on Youtube’s search option. 

Promote and sell products on Youtube

Making money on Youtube by using it for E commerce can be an excellent idea. Thousands of Youtubers are marketing their E commerce businesses on Youtube and are using the platform to tap into larger audiences. Youtube can be used for selling all kinds of merchandise, including books, shoes, clothes, and even food. Youtubers are also free to put aesthetically pleasing videos of their products in order to get more orders. 

Get Sponsored

An easy way to make money on Youtube is to get paid sponsorships for the channel. Hundreds of companies around the world are spending thousands of dollars paying famous Youtubers and social media influencers to feature content about their products. If a channel has a considerably high number of followers, they are more likely to get highly paid sponsorship offers. The best thing is that Youtubers get to keep all of their money and don’t have to worry about splitting it with Youtube. 

Fan Funding

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Fan Funding is another pretty great way to make money on Youtube. Thousands of Youtubers are making a considerable amount of money through their fan following on the platform. Youtubers who want to start a business, for example, and do not have enough money to do it can always market their project on the channel and request donations for it. If people like the project, the video could get famous and gain a lot of traction. It could also reach millions of people across the globe who might be interested in donating. A Youtuber might collect more funds through this if they have a popular channel with thousands of followers since people tend to trust more established channels with their money.