Here’s the thing: choosing the best stocks to buy always depends more on your individual financial situation than anything else. The next most important factor is market trends….. and 2020 has been chaotic in terms of that! 




Below are 7 market-beating Stocks you need to get your hands on before 2020:

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OneMain Holdings 

OneMain holdings is a great financial stock investment in this current year. With Covid-19 ravaging the economy, it makes sense to put your money in a safe consumer credit and insurance business. Currently worth a whopping $5.2 billion, OneMain holdings is one of the best value stocks that you can get your hands on in 2020. The company is also set to grow steadily over the next couple of years which makes OMF a worthy potential investment. 


E-commerce is all the rage this COVID-19 season. This is why investing in Shopify is a good idea this year. Shopify provides ecommerce solutions to various businesses, big and small. People are currently skeptical of physical markets and prefer to shop online from the safety, and comfort, of their own homes. With low borrowing costs and a large market of people willing to spend their money for the upcoming holiday season, investing in Shopify makes perfect sense and is bound to yield a considerable amount of profit. 


Dropbox has a current market value of $7.4 billion and is considered to be one of the most promising potential investments of 2020. The company has seen a 19% steady year-over-year revenue growth and has around 14 million users using the platform and paying for its services. In just 2020, Dropbox is all set to generate a 15% increase in sales which might amp up profits by 22.9%. This is why 2020 could possibly be the best year to invest in Dropbox and gain good returns over your investments. 


Paypal is another great potential investment for the year 2020. The company saw a 15% increase in their revenue growth in just the year 2020. People and businesses not just in the United States, but all over the globe are increasingly using this platform for its money transfer services. In fact, almost half of the company’s current revenue is a result of international customers and their transactions.


Adobe has progressed steadily over the years and continues to grow incrementally even in the face of a pandemic. The company sells a variety of programs including the popular Photoshop and InDesign. Not only this, the fiscal fourth-quarter numbers look pretty great too. With revenues growing 21% each year to the company opening its doors to an addressable market worth more than $80 billion, this company is surely a worthy investment for the year 2020. 


Amazon is one of the best investments anybody can make this year. After the COVID-19 pandemic, the e commerce industry has seen a huge boom and Amazon is currently worth a whopping $900 billion. Not only this, there is a predicted 18.5% revenue growth and a 30.7% earnings growth that will take place before 2020 ends. The company’s advertising revenue is all set to triple by 2025 and Amazon Prime will have approximately 250 million members using the platform. This, coupled with the increasing market share and increasing number of people investing in this company makes Amazon a great investment for the year.


2020 has changed the way learning happens globally. Now students prefer using virtual platforms like Chegg to do all their academic work. This makes Chegg one of the most widely used platforms around the globe. And due to this, Chegg stock has seen a substantial increase during the year. Even after the pandemic ends and students go back to school, Chegg is going to remain a useful tool for them since virtual learning is now the new norm.