essenImagine having a readymade marketplace that gives you access to 3 BILLION potential customers…. well, Facebook FTW! 

Facebook has introduced a new feature called the Facebook Shop, which allows users to set up their own online store on their pages. This has essentially taken over the Facebook Marketplace which was just a listing place for products and items.

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Due to the coronavirus, e-commerce is one of the few industries that have benefited from the lockdowns, and Facebook intends to make it easier for their users to buy and sell products online. With a Facebook shop, you have access to!

The process can be broken down into 3 main parts:

Deciding What To Sell

The two main categories of products are niche and commoditized products. For a startup, fledgling business it is better to stick with offering a mix of these two categories as it will generate much better traffic and also provide a strong platform to show-off your proprietary products.

Products which are trending and popular are great options as well. If you can’t decide on what the best product is for your inventory, searching and fishing out trending products before they hit the masses is essential. This will allow you to enter the market early and jump ahead of the products becoming completely saturated in the market. Sites such as Google Trends and Wish are great places to start finding products with a huge profit potential.

Setting Up The Store

Some basic requirements needed are a facebook business page, agreeing with Merchant Terms, selling only physical items, a link to a valid bank account and finally, a valid tax identification number. Completing these simple steps and you are good to go!

A crucial step is deciding your shipping options and return policies. You can add your choice of shipping options and make some changes to the generic return policy given by Facebook for your store. Another thing to be weary of is that you can’t change your details of payment after they have once been saved, so make sure that you enter the information accurately!

Adding items to your shop is very easy as well, simply click the “Add Product” tab and you will be shown a product description form. The form itself is easy to fill but do keep in mind to make the product visibility as Public!

Generating Traffic To Your Store

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Facebook ads continue to be the best way of driving traffic to your shop due to the immense user base. You should make sure to fuse your marketing ads with a unique copyright to attract instant attention of your audience. 75% of consumers visit Facebook before making any purchases to seek advice from friends and family. So you can capitalise on this by having referral marketing, basically word to mouth recommendations by previously satisfied customers or brand ambassadors that people trust. One can use the influencer marketing route which is particularly effective for attracting a younger audience to your store.

If a brand ambassador or influencer isn’t the way you want to go then traditional methods such as SEO usage is still viable and effective.

Studies show that 51% of website traffic comes from organic search results. SEO refers to the method of optimising certain areas of your store to boost its Search Engine ranking and allowing your store to show up higher on search engine enquiries.

Some key components of SEO include improving your product design, keyword research and implementation, improving your store’s meta tags, creating quality content and creating quality backlinks. Incorporating a mix of these various marketing techniques is the best way to generate traffic to your store!