Reece Larkin Representing the New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Whilst most 24 year olds are contemplating their first notch on the corporate ladder, Reece Larkin has already clambered his way to the top and built an impressive business portfolio across the social media and marketing spectrum.

Larkin considers himself as one of the new generation of entrepreneurs for whom opportunity is everywhere. He quit university to pursue his dreams and adopted an ‘entrepreneur mindset’, and has proved that sheer hard work, fearlessness and dedication can pay off. He is a self-confessed workaholic who now sits prettily at the top with the social media scene thanks to his ability to churn successful and innovative ideas which help him scale even greater heights of success than the others. Larkin explains:

“Whilst there is no set formula for success, I choose to believe in my ability to foresee my talents and believe I can turn these into an economic success. Aside from knowing your skill-set, you do, of course have to work hard and put the hours in, as well as being prepared to push yourself out of your comfort zone to achieve the impossible.”

His success started when he followed his passion for the digital world and discovered the online freelance platform, Fiverr. Excited by the prospect of being able to work in a relaxed way without the usual 9 to 5 mindset, he put his digital marketing expertise and SEO services to good use. It only took two short years for Larkin to become one of the platforms top sellers, clocking up a staggering 14,000 clients across 78% of the globe, and impressively turning over $1M in two years.

“Whilst I was enjoying a respectable success rate on Fiverr, I soon realised that I could be doing more. Instead of getting clients to pay $200 per order, I could get brands to pay me $10,000 to $20,000 per order, so I tried and tested it, it worked so I continued down that route,” he explains.

“I focused on social media marketing and as my nature is to push boundaries, I was looking at ways in which I could capitalize and started to push creative video ideas to make them go viral. A lot of brands will pay big money to make the launch of their product go viral. Wanting to build a team and extend my services I decided to set an agency to offer the full suite of marketing concepts – I knew it would be a challenge but I’m not one to shy away from a challenge!”

That said, success didn’t come without failure. Where Larkin differs is his humble attitude in accepting faults and using his failings to learn and turn into a strength. He clarifies:

“Whilst I haven’t always been successful, I try to turn failings into strengths. Taking a step back and realising where you went wrong and ensuring that you change this is key to creating a stronger platform to move forward with. There is also an element of risk in being successful, one of the biggest risks is never taking a risk at all. Yes, you may fail but your success will be determined in the way you pick yourself back up. In the social media world, that is constantly changing, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks!”.

Leaving the freelance world behind, Larkin was looking for another challenge and founded Blackcorn,, a global digital marketing agency, specialising in social media and PR. Setting up a company isn’t easy as hard decisions have to be made but his belief in what he is able to offer, has never deterred him from his path to success.

“I see Blackcorn as a digital pioneer. I have purposely built a team of experts who know how to best leverage years of experience to create thought-provoking, go-to marketing strategies that are successful. Similar to our ever-changing landscape, as a company we are constantly evolving; keeping up with the trends is a must – staying one step ahead is even better!”

With an impressive career to date, Larkin’s hustle for success is just as voracious as it has always been. His successes have afforded him the luxury of being able to combine his love for work with his love for travel. Via his worldwide travels he has been exposed to many different cultures which force a different mindset; one that is good for business, keeping him humble but also, importantly to Larkin, give him the head space to conjure up fresh and edgy new ideas – as he says, he is always on the lookout for the next big thing, and something says that it won’t be long until he discovers something new and shifts up a gear to bring it to fruition.